Strong Yogi, is a quick and strong flow that begins with unique sun salutatons featuring fun strength challenges strategically placed in


This relaxing and meditative class will explore the power of pranayama and meditation as a way to check in and ground your self when life


In these 60 minutes we work through a series of hip openers. We start on our backs but quickly move into lunges and twisting lunges, tri


Inside Out Glow from Koya’s Get Loved Up Yoga Series, is a moving guided meditation. You will flow and hold poses focusing on conne

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Jules Mitchell. Who doesn't love this girl?! Jules has put her 10,000 hours in to become one of the leading practitioners and teachers in the field of Restorative Yoga. She is a dedicated member of the Udaya family and has been with us since the beginning. As a Yoga Therapist and Exercise Scientist, she combines the
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