UY108-box The Ultimate Yogi

The Ultimate Yogi is the most comprehensive yoga DVD set on the market. Renowned yoga instructor Travis Eliot will take you to your physical limits and beyond on this 108-Day Journey. Each of the 14 Thematic Yoga classes are comprised of creative sequences that will challenge the expert and encourage the beginner. The Ultimate Yogi is MORE than just a fitness program, it is a transformational experience guaranteed to improve your quality of life.

Take a journey of 108 days as you transform your life from the inside out. After three thirty-six day cycles we guarantee that your body will be leaner, your mind will be sharper, and you will have purified every facet of your being. You’ve come this far, you’ve seen the results, You ARE Ready!

Become an Ultimate Yogi today and we will guarantee your success and your satisfaction.


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Price: $108.00

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