This short practice is NON-STOP! There are no advanced postures but it will definitely get your heart rate up and strengthen your cardiov


Working on the repetition plus one theme giving you freedom and new information in each pose. You will also get the added benefit of a gr


This is a good class for the end of a work day when your neck is tight and the shoulders need some opening up. Its a standing series that


Designed for Mamas in their first trimester or for times where you feel a little anxious and tired. Alyssa reminds us that this is an imp

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A tight butt, strong legs, and a lean bod might be your number one motivation for running, but now research gives us another great reason to stay fit on the treadmill: better brain function later on in life. A group of researchers followed 2,700 men and women for 25 years and found that those ran out in their 20s
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