This teaching tip will offer alternate poses you can take while in a flow practice to avoid impact or stress to the knees.


This is a great warm-up that leaves you feeling fresh and ready for more.  10 minutes of building core strength on the back followed bac


In Power Yoga we generally focus so much on flowing through all of the variations of Warrior and on the physical aspect of our practice.


In this 60-minute class, shot on our ‘Living’ stage, Vytas guides through variations of Tree pose set amongst the trees.


The glute muscles are some of the largest and strongest muscles in the human body. Healthy glutes are essential to everyday movements. Th

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This month we're proud to feature Caley Alyssa in the Udaya spotlight.  Caley recently received the "Best Body of the Year" award form SELF Magazine.  She has over 40 hours of online classes headed to and will be announcing several Vinyasa based yoga programs for 2015. Caley is a Los Angeles-based yoga teacher & certified holistic health counselor. She teaches vinyasa-based classes throughout Santa Monica,
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